Her nation.

Sol is an airbender girl, 111 during the series, though biologically 14. She has the strongest connection to Aang and Zuko before the start of the series, though she becomes good friends with Toph, Sokka, Katara, and Teo as well as Mai throughout the series.


Sol was born in the great deserts, her family part of the few remaining groups of what became known as the Traveling Nomads, the ones that refused to settle in the temples. In order to maintain a small population, many people who had many offspring gave their firstborn to the temples. She was born into this group, and although she was already traveling around the world, she soon became curious as to the life she had never explored. Where she grew up, she was encouraged to be free and become independant. But not alone, that was the thing. She gathered together two other kids, Wisprow and Regi, and headed for the Western Air Temple at the age of seven. It was a long journey, but they had a dragon.