There are a few specialized forms of airbending, though none are mentioned in the series.


The power to change someone's aura. This action is only temporary, like other forms of bending. If, for example, someone had a yellow aura for childlike qualities, an aurabender could, if focused on that task, change the color to red, making them more intense. ]]Lu]] is one of the only known aurabenders still in existance.


This is a form that requires avatar blood, as well as air blood. Avatar Aki was the first to master this form, but swore never to use it again after she killed her sister in a accident with it. Later, she entrusted the information in Aang's girl, Kya (or Era)





Combined Forms

When the parents of a child are two different types of benders, there is a chance they will produce a child with special capabilities.


The product of firebending x earthbending cross. These elite benders can bend life forms, being animals, plants, vines, whatever. They can not handle to be around death, literally. Whenever something dies close to them or because of them, they experience many extreme side effects, including fainting, nausea, restlessness, burning, nightmarish visions, and tingling, depending on the number and size of whatever is dying {more people: worse reaction}. A famously known lifebender is Puni.